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About Us

The Brighton Bandstand Company have been developing and creating a Performing Arts web portal with the intent of making it a concise information centre for all aspects of music and performance in the City of Brighton & Hove and its surrounding Sussex area.

This is a performance orientated social networking project dedicated to raising the profiles of local performers and making a historical document of past, current and future acts and their connections.

Although at the moment the site is driven by music and video, it has been designed to include every type of performance profile.

As part of the development the features that we are looking to include are further profile options including for Venues, Shops, Tuition, Services and Promoters etc.

This is specifically being built to suit the needs of the local area to help the community notice and embrace the spirit of home grown talent and performance without passing them by unnoticed, whilst raising the profiles of the acts themselves.

The Brighton Bandstand website is under constant review and development, with user interaction being a major part of it, so if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact us.


We have included a watershed feature to make the Brighton Bandstand website a family friendly environment to visit, but to also allow for artistic license, stronger content will be available between 9pm – 5am.

Anyone who would like full access to all content outside of the watershed hours can register and sign in to unlock this feature.

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